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Changes to Mass times

Please Note In view of the situation here in Surrey with the Covid 19 virus I have decided to make some temporary changes. This Read more »

Action in Africa Christmas Newsletter

Action in Africa Newsletter Christmas 2020. Click here to download

Correction to this week's Newsletter

In this week's Newsletter we incorrectly posted the time of tomorrow morning's Mass as 9.30. It should have been 10.30. Read more »


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Online Giving - Coronavirus

Tuesday 31st March 2020

With the closure of our Church, the Coronavirus is now starting to affect us materially as well as spiritually.

We understand that in these difficult times, incomes and businesses are under pressure, but if you are able to, please carry on being as generous as ever.

Although the parish is doing its best to reduce costs, life must go on and bills must be paid.

A good many parishioners give via standing order, cheques or weekly envelopes. If you can do this, it simplifies the admin and is great for self-distancing! For more details email

Recognising the current Coronavirus challenge, the Diocese has set up a web page for online giving. Details are included below. Bill



Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

Parish Fundraising during the Covid-19 pandemic

 Online donations for parishes

During this challenging time, where we are unable to attend Mass together, you may be worried about your offertory. The Diocese has launched an online ‘parish offertory support campaign’ so that parishioners can still make their offertory donation if they wish.

The web link for this donation page is:

Why is it a Diocesan Account?

As all parishes in the diocese share the same charity number this means we can only have one JustGiving account. A shared ‘offertory support campaign’ is the simplest way to provide an online service for us all. A single Diocesan account also reduces the parish admin required, making it as easy as possible for parishes.

How do I make sure the donation comes to the parish?

You will see on the offertory support campaign page there are some simple steps for the parishioner to follow when donating.

How will we receive the money?

The money will come in centrally and then sent to the parishes accordingly. This is why it is important parishioners name their parish, area or priest when donating.

If you have any questions on the Online Donation scheme please do not hesitate to contact; Laura Maydew-Gale E: T: 07552 249 829

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