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Instructions for watching Live Streaming

For the past few weeks we have included in the Newsletter, instructions for watching live streaming from St. Michael's.  We Read more »

It's a SCAM

Please don't respond to what looks like an email from Fr Tony asking for money. IT IS A SCAM.

The Irish Blessing

An ancient religious blessing of protection recorded by 300 Christian groups to protect frontline workers battling Read more »


Latest News

St. Michael's Opening for Mass

Friday 3rd July 2020

Important Changes to Services at St. Michaels

Two Important changes are coming to St. Michael’s in the next week.

  • From this Sunday 5th July, we will be broadcasting Mass from St Michael’s (live streaming) over the Internet.
  • From Tuesday 7th July the church will be open for Mass, subject to the same conditions as Private Prayer 

This week we have an extended edition of the Newsletter, which includes 

  • Full details of how to access Mass from St. Michael's over the Internet 
  • A reminder on Social Distancing
  • A tribute to Fr. John Healy, who died this week
  • A Letter from the Metropolitan Archbishops of ENgland and Wales.


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