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Mass on the Internet

Sunday 15th March 2020

Many churches are offering Internet mass. Basically, a webcam in their church delivers the broadcast to a website and all you have to do is go to the website using your favourite web browser (eg Crome) and press the start button.   It’s no more difficult than making a Skype call or playing a YouTube video.   Most sites also have a page with a schedule of their mass times, which tells you also which ones are being broadcast. In addition to Olivia’s home parish, here are a couple you might like to try.   Church Services TV provides broadcasting services to churches and from their website, you can receive Mass from several churches in England, Ireland or Scotland.

   If you select ‘England’ and then ‘Surrey’ from their menus, you will see St. Dunstan’s in Woking, where Peter Andrews is parish priest.  A little further afield, there is Eternal Word TV Network (EWTN), which claims to be the largest broadcaster of church services in the world.

  Good Luck

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